Learn About the Neighborhood of West Ajijic

The Neighborhood of West Ajijic and it’s Gated Communities

 Puerta Arroyo, Arroyo Alto, Los Sabinos and La Reserva are four separate communities built by Interlago Group.  
Winding cobblestone streets and bougainvillea covered walls set the scene in all these communities creating that “ vacation” feel.
All four communities are gated 24/7 offering a high level of security for all its residents with total lock and go peace of mind for seasonal residents and travelers.

Each of the four communities share similar architectural details though only La Reserva offers two-story homes.  The developer has used high-end finishings in all the homes including beautiful brick boveda ceilings, granite countertops in the kitchen and marble in the bathrooms.

Most homes are somewhat larger with beautiful views and some with private pools. Price points will range from the mid $300K USD up to the mid $700K USD.

Los Sabinos and Puerta Arroyo are very similar in style and price points range from approximately $200K USD to mid $400K USD. All homes offer high end finishings in a variety of styles and sizes. Although some homes have private pools both communities enjoy a beautiful common area with a well-equipped clubhouse, gym and large heated pool.

La Reserva offers a mix of single and two story homes and some with rooftop terraces.  The sales prices usually range in the $300K’s USD. While La Reserva does not have a common area, residents do have the right to join the fabulous Yacht Club adjacent to the property.

Fees and HOA what is covered?

Fees varies from the Home Owner associations but are approximately $100 to $120 USD a month.  This includes: garbage collection, gate security, maintenance of common areas and street lighting.  Both Los Sabinos and Puerta Arroyo include a Club House and pool.


Located just minutes west of central Ajijic, Arroyo Alto is situated mountainside just above Puerta Arroyo.  The two seem joined but are actually different developments with separate Home Owners Associations.  Los Sabinos is located mountainside and just
before Puerta Arroyo.  La Reserva is West of the other three.

Neighborhoods and Condominiums

  • Los Sabinos
  • Puerta Arroyo
  • Arroyo Alto
  • La Reserva


Located close to Lake Chapala these communities enjoy some of the best weather climates in the world.

Places of Interest

  • Restaurants
  • Organic market on Tuesdays
  • Great fish store
  • A small shopping mall
  • Just minutes to drive to central Ajijic and all amenities.
  • Yatch Club
  • Theatre, gym, yoga and much more.

Internet, Cable and Telephone

Some developments are in the process of installing high-speed internet with Telmex but in general reception and speed is good. Affordable television and telephone services are provided by the companies:

(Internet, Telephone):

Carretera Chapala – Jocotepec Ote 113, Ajijic, Jal.

Hours 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Telcel (cell phone coverage)

(Television, Internet)

 Address: Hidalgo Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jal.

 Hours 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

(Telephone, Internet and Television)

Address: Plaza
Bugambilias Ajijic, Jal.

Hours 9:00 am
– 7:00 pm

Potable Water and Sewer Systems

SEWER OR SEPTIC: municipal sewage and septic system.
WATER SOURCE: community wells and municipal water.

Puerta Arroyo has water meters, Los Sabinos and La Reserva do not.

Water and the sewer system are provided by a government organization called SIMAPA. The payments may be yearly or monthly if you have a water meter. If you pay yearly and pay in January and February they will offer a discount.


Address: Guadalupe Victoria 65, Ajijic Jalisco. Tel: 01 376 766 0423

Hours 9:00 am
a 3:00 pm.


The company that supplies this service is CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad).

Zaragoza 451, Chapala, Jalisco.

Hours 8:15 am – 4:00 pm.

This service must be paid every 2 months and can be paid at the CFE office or in stores like Walmart, Soriana, OXXO and 7 Eleven.

CFE has different rates of power depending on the client’s needs:

  • Rate 01 Domestic use (regular house)
  • Rate 02 Business (stores in general)
  • Trifásico (business and regular house)

Medical Services

  • Dental Express – Carretera Poniente 368. Tel: 01 376 106 2080
  • Chiropractic and Wellness Center – Carretera Poniente a Jocotepec 25-F.  Tel 01 376 766 1973


  • Hacienda del Lago – Independencia 63. Tel: 01 376 766 0907
  • Danza del sol – Zaragoza 165. Tel: 01 376 766 0440
  • El Pescador – Carretera Jocotepec- Chapala 1008. Tel: 01 376 106 1604

Restaurants in West Ajijic

  • Armado´s Hideaway – Privada Ocampo 18. Tel: 01 376 766 2229
  • Casa Linda – Río Bravo 7. Tel: 01 376 108 0887
  • Brew House – De Las Flores 25. Tel: 01 376 766 5657
  • French Bakery – De Las Flores 20 A. Tel: 01 376 766 3399
  • Forrest Grill – Carretera Jocotepec- Chapala Poniente 230.
  • Arileo – Carretera Jocotepec- Chapala 1088- Tel: 01 376 106 1627

Known Issues in West Ajijic

Although walkable and close to bus stops but a car is highly recommended.

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